Welcome to Radical Productions

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What is Radical Productions?

Radical Productions is a youth operated technology co-ooperative located in South West Detroit. We learn, teach, and gain valuable work and business experience in growing tech careers with the vision of bettering ourselves while bettering the community of South West Detroit and communities everywhere.

What We Do

Whether it was through curiosity, interest, or passion, we are offering two services.

  • Web Services
  • Vidtainment

Why Choose Us Over the Rest?

The best reason to choose to Radical Productions is that we offer our services at a lower price point than the other professionals. We primarily target small business and organizations that do not have the capital to pay the extremely high prices other proffesionals will charge.

If price will not be enough to convince you, then take into consideration that we are talented teenagers wanted to provide you the web site or video you are looking for.